What is a Microgrid?

Microgrid is a self-sustained electric power generation, and distribution system that provide electricity service to number of small, remote, and isolated areas that remain un-electrified. They can be fully isolated from the main grid or connected to it but able to intentionally isolate themselves. Microgrid supply remote communities which includes residential households, local businesses, as well as public institutions.

Impact of Microgrid in Remote Areas:

  1. Quality of Life

Physically and Socio-economically isolated communities are given direct access of electricity. Electricity’s introduction thus tends to be associated with progress and modernity. Additionally, improvement of learning conditions will be visible where number of children are able to study with well-lit facilities at night.

  1. Livelihood

Electrification in a remote area enable its communities to develop livelihood potential and increased income opportunities. It also supports the improvement of local crafts development that can boost the tourism in the area.

  1. Health and Safety

Access to electricity can transform healthcare system and sanitary programs in remotes areas.  With access to reliable electricity healthcare facilities are able to increase quality of service to local residents. Sanitary facilities like water pumps, purifiers, and irrigation may be developed.

  1. Government Contribution

Development of microgrid in remote areas supports and intensifies the initiative of 100% Rural Electrification Program of the Philippine Government.

Hybrid Power System for Microgrid

Hybrid Power System, as the name implies, it is a combination of two or more modes of electricity generation working all together. It usually uses a renewables and conventional reciprocating generator sets to generate electricity. Hybrid system applications enable to use the best combination of renewables and diesel to save fuel and maximize power system efficiency and reliability.

Advantages of Hybrid System:


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