Why is it best to invest in Solar Energy?

It is a given that turning to renewable resources is a trend now. Let us go over these reasons why invest in solar energy.

1. Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or nonprofit, electricity costs can make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With a solar panel system, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. Even if you don’t produce 100 percent of the energy you consume, solar will reduce your utility bills and you’ll still save a lot of money.

invest in Solar Energy

2. Earn a great return on your investment

Solar panels aren’t an expense – they’re one of the best ways to invest, with returns rivaling those of more traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Thanks to substantial electricity bill savings, the average American homeowner pays off their solar panel system in seven to eight years and sees an ROI of 20 percent or more.

3. Protect against rising energy costs

One of the most clear cut benefits of solar panels is the ability to hedge utility prices. In the past ten years, residential electricity prices have gone up by an average of three percent annually. By investing in a solar energy system now, you can fix your electricity rate and protect against unpredictable increases in electricity costs. If you’re a business or homeowner with fluctuating cash flow, going solar also helps you better forecast and manage your expenses.

invest in Solar Energy

4. Increase your property value

Multiple studies have found that homes equipped with solar energy systems have higher property values and sell more quickly than non-solar homes. Appraisers are increasingly taking solar installations into consideration as they value homes at the time of a sale, and as homebuyers become more educated about solar, demand for properties equipped with solar panel systems will continue to grow.

5. Boost energy independence

The sun is a near-infinite source of energy and a key component of achieving energy independence. By increasing our capacity to generate electricity from the sun, we can also insulate our country from price fluctuations in global energy markets.

invest in Solar Energy

6. Create jobs and help your local economy

According to The Solar Foundation, the solar industry adds jobs many times faster than the overall U.S. economy. This growth is expected to continue. Because solar-related jobs tend to be higher paying and cannot be outsourced, they are a significant contributor to the U.S. economy.

invest in Solar Energy

7. Protect the environment

Solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Buildings are responsible for 38 percent of all carbon emissions in the U.S., and going solar can significantly decrease that number. A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over 100 trees annually.

8. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are important components of an organization’s culture and values. They also produce bottom line results. Increasingly, consumers and communities are recognizing and rewarding businesses that choose to operate responsibly. Businesses are finding that “green” credentials are a powerful driver of consumer purchasing decisions, creating goodwill and improving business results.

9. Increase employee morale

Just like consumers, employees have a demonstrated appreciation for their employers’ commitment to operating responsibility. Employees share in the success and contributions of their organizations. Companies that care about their community and environment tend to have lower turnover rates, more engaged employees, and higher levels of morale.

10. Stay competitive

Companies quickly are realizing the social and economic benefits of adopting solar power. As early adopters pull ahead of the competition, many companies are exploring solar power as a way to keep up.

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Solar PV System – Explained

We are going to talk about Solar PV System on this article, but let’s have a bit of trivia before we dive into it: According to BusinessInsider.com, 430 quintillion Joules of energy from the sun hits the earth every 60 minutes, or each hour. That’s 430 with 18 zeroes after it! In comparison, the total amount of energy that all humans use in a year is 410 quintillion Joules! It’s like, you just need 1 chair, but you were given an empty train all for yourself!

We ought to inform people on how a Solar PV System really works. First let’s talk about the major equipment: There’s only 2, actually: Solar Panels, of course and Solar Inverters. Solar panels catch daylight energy to produce DC electricity. Then solar inverters turn DC to AC electricity. AC is the kind of electricity needed to power the house or the building.

Solar PV System – Types

When you decide to install Solar PV System on your rooftops, you have two choices. Its either you go off-grid or on-grid. On-grid means, you are still connected to the public utility grid. Using your solar PV system for electricity supply during the day. And get electricity from the utility grid at night, when there’s no daylight to harvest.

With on-grid system, you can apply Net Metering. Net metering basically means that the unused electricity you produce during the day will be imported to the public utility grid. And will allow you to offset the cost of energy you get from the grid at night.

In an off-grid set up, it means you’re no longer connected to the public utility grid. You will need a battery bank to store all unused energy during the day so you will have electricity at night (when solar panels are not producing electricity due to absence of daylight). Once the battery bank is full, it automatically stops collecting electricity from the solar PV system. Including battery bank to the system means additional cost but it also means total energy independence and financial independence in the long run.

It’s not just putting some panels on your rooftop, then it’s done, but it’s also not that complicated, right?
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Solar PV System - Explained

How are Solar Panels on rainy season?

You might be wondering how are solar panels on rainy season. Solar panels still work because solar panels are harvesting sun light and not the heat. Solar panels produce electricity from visible light and infrared light. As long as there is sun light, the solar panels will keep on producing energy. Solar panels are waterproof and moisture definitely won’t  damage them.
Visible light is always present during the day even in the midst of strong typhoons. It can penetrate through clouds and rain. Infrared light reach solar panels more effectively because of its longer wavelengths compared to the visible spectrum. In the same principle, we can view and observe distant planets and galaxies even with all space junk and dust in between.

Solar panel also absorb reflected light during rainy season.

There are a lot of reflected light around us. Sun light bounces off the roof tops, tall buildings, and the ground. Light also bounces or reflects on shiny or light-colored surfaces like snow and bodies of water. Solar panels produce less power during rainy season but it won’t totally be zero-production.
Solar Panels on rainy season
Rain is also good for the solar panels. You can treat this as season as cleaning time for your solar panels. You get a free and natural cleaning when it rains. This keeps the panels clear of any dirt or debris which can hinder the production. Dust, bird droppings, pollen, grime, falling leaves and other objects that usually end up on your roofs and panels will be washed away and this will keep the solar panels working efficiently.
Isn’t it just great? Solar power is always available, not just on the summers. It is available and free even on rainy days.
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